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Reflective journals: how to improve your practice through reflection

INQUIRE courses are training hundreds of teachers and educators to develop their proficiency in IBSE and become reflective practitioners. If you are an INQUIRE course participant you can use different methods to think more critically about your teaching and be able to use what you have learnt to understand and improve your practice.

Keeping a reflective journal is one method that will help you look at what you have learned on IBSE and how you can implement your new knowledge and skills into the school or outdoor classroom. Read the Suggested format for a reflective journal to find out what questions you can ask yourself to stimulate your reflective writing and how your reflective journal may look like or shouldn’t look like. This resource is also useful for any teacher or educator who participates in professional development training and would like to take forward their learning intro their practice.

You may also find useful reading further literature on reflective writing:

Brodie, L. (2005) ‘Reflective Writing: Guide for Students’, Faculty of Engineering & Surveying, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba
King, T. (2002) ‘Development of Student Skills in Reflective Writing’, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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