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05/02/14  |  Lesson plan

‘plants and insects: pollinators are needed’- a lesson plan from the University of Lisbon.

The University of Lisbon designed this lesson to get whole families involved with plant science while they explore the botanic garden. It is suitable for families with children from the age of six and takes two hours to complete.

Rather than being a structured lesson, this game takes the form of a mystery trail that teaches participants about plants and pollinators through play, to add a fun and educational element to a day in the garden.

Families follow a map of the garden and identify 7 different plants and their distinctive features. They then follow clues to connect these plants to the insects that feed on them. This teaches them about plant and insect morphology and adaptation, how these are related and why this is important.

Download the lesson plan, for more details and examples of plants and insects and clues to connect the two.

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