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29/01/14  |  Lesson plan

‘What Story Could a Twig Tell?’- A lesson plan from the Moscow State University Botanical Garden.

Are you a teacher or an educator looking for new ways to engage young people with plant science whilst linking these concepts to climate change?

The Moscow State University Botanical Garden have developed this lesson as part of the INQUIRE project. Whilst delivering scientific content, it links to the idea of climate change and gets young people interacting with trees in situ.

This lesson teaches young people about: tree morphology and how to recognise different species, tree growth, how to measure it and how it is affected by growing conditions and asks them to exercise their communication skills to discuss climate change.

Young people are asked to measure the annual growth of twigs over the past 3 years. The class then compares their varying results and discuss why differences have been found. Once they have come up with a hypothesis they are asked to test it. Since this activity is student driven, the flexibility of the lesson means that experiments carried out will be different every time.

The lesson is suitable for ages 10 to 13 and takes 3 hours to complete.

You can download the lesson plan, which includes resources such as work sheets, here.

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