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‘Ecological Inquiry’- A lesson plan from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Are you a teacher or an educator looking for resources to illustrate how ecologists work?

This lesson plan, from RBG, Kew, teaches young people just this, by allowing them to devise and carry out their own investigations.

In this lesson, young people are given scenarios in which they are asked to determine the abundance of a certain common plant, within a certain area. They are broken into small groups and provided with easily available and cheap equipment, such as a meter rule and string, to design and execute their investigation. Afterwards, the class discusses the results and the efficacy of the experiments themselves.

The lesson, not only, illustrates how ecologists work, through active engagement, but improves confidence- through ownership over their education, exercises communication skills and gets younf people out of the classroom and interacting with nature.

This lesson has proved successful with young people aged 11 to 18 and can be performed in any outdoor area where there is a reasonably even coverage of a common plant.

You can download the lesson here, which includes two scenarios, instructions on how to assess the lesson and a full list of materials required.

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