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27/01/14  |  Lesson plan

‘The Chocolate Choice Challenge’- A lesson plan from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Everyone loves chocolate. Most people buy chocolate regularly. But, do many people think about how the choice of what bar to buy might affect others and the planet?

This lesson plan from, RBG, Kew, teaches participants about the implications of their everyday choices, through an easily relatable and fun (and tasty) example.

During the ‘chocolate choice challenge’ participants taste chocolate samples and choose which one they would buy. They are then informed about ethical qualities of each sample, for example, whether it is fair-trade or organic. Participants must then revaluate their choice to see if they come to a different conclusion. In this way, participants are shown that even small decisions they make can have impacts for the planet and its population. The intention is that they take this on board change their behaviour to be more ethical, in their daily lives.

The simplicity of the lesson makes it suitable for a wide range of ages from children over 9 years old to adults.

You can download the lesson here, which includes a detailed plan and worksheets for adults and children.

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