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18/02/13  |  lesson plan

INQUIRE resource ‘Has sea level rise anything to do with climate warming?’

‘Has sea level rise anything to do with climate warming?’ is a comprehensive lesson plan for teaching secondary students about the role of CO2 in climate warming and the impact of the melting of the masses of ice on the earth.

Through a series of inquiry-based experiments students investigate what will happen if the masses of the earth’s ice melt and how this process may look like. The students are provided with a variety of resources which will help them design and run experiments in order to answer questions related to climate warming/change.

This lesson by using IBSE pedagogy will facilitate students learning about the role of  CO2 in climate warming and building up their knowledge about the significance of protecting the global ice masses. Download this lesson to find out how you can encourage students' learning about climate change through experimentiation.

Staff from Schulbiologiezentrum Hannover have developed this lesson as part of the INQUIRE course in Germany and this has been a very successful resource for showcasing to teachers and educators how they can communicate through inquiry the complex phenomenon of climate change.

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