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18/02/13  |  Lesson plan

INQUIRE resource ‘CO2 in the world: Production and absorption'

This comprehensive lesson plan on ‘CO2 IN THE WORLD: PRODUCTION AND ABSORPTION’ explains how teachers and educators can facilitate secondary students’ learning on the complex issue of climate change.

During this lesson students investigate how CO2 is distributed through the globe and why, and learn about the role of plants in CO2 absorption. Teachers can introduce the lesson by reading a recently published article on climate change followed by a brief discussion about CO2 emissions from human activity and their impact on the planet.

During the lesson students conduct two experiments. Firstly, through an easy process students use bicarbonate and vinegar to produce CO2 and secondly they design a second experiment to prove that plants absorb CO2.
This lesson by using IBSE pedagogy will help students learn about the distribution of CO2 around the world and raise awareness of the importance of reducing CO2 emissions and preserving forests.

Botanic gardens staff from CSIC, Madrid and UAH, Alcala have developed this lesson as part of the INQUIRE course in Spain and this has been a very successful resource for showcasing to teachers and educators how they can implement IBSE in their practice.

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