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18/08/14  |  INQUIRE report

INQUIRE Literature Review

This literature review for the INQUIRE Project examines the academic basis for making use of IBSE, providing a historical context for current practice. The recent surge in interest in Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) builds on ideas dating back to the early 20th century from educators such as Dewy and Schwab, amongst others. Despite this heritage, there’s been disagreement over how best to put IBSE techniques into practice.  

The INQUIRE literature review looks at IBSE as it is understood now, examining the evidence for and against this method of teaching. This document outlines the foundations of IBSE and when and how to make effective use of IBSE techniques. The Literature Review also provides practical advice on adapting IBSE techniques for the classroom, laying out approaches to incorporating IBSE activities into lessons. 

The report will be of interest to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of IBSE techniques, and will be especially relevant to those looking for effective ways to communicate biodiversity and climate change, in both formal and informal settings.

Now available to download  - the INQUIRE literature review.

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