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INQUIRE Dissemination summany

The dissemination activities of the INQUIRE project intended to promote the INQUIRE courses, inform about the progress and outcomes of the project and, ultimately, widely encourage the implementation of IBSE. In particular, dissemination activities supported the following objectives of the project:

  • To introduce IBSE in formal and informal settings, on a large scalen.
  • To establish a key network of educators, teachers, teacher trainers and researchers forthe revival of IBSE
  • To bridge the gap between educational researchers and practitioners
  • To make the case for inquiry and context-based learning

The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the dissemination events and activities during the INQUIRE project, 2010-2013. It focuses on the following main dissemination activities and methods:

  • Dissemination in international and national conferences and other activities
  • INQUIRE publications
  • INQUIRE conference
  • INQUIRE websitel Press releases
  • E-Newsletters
  • INQUIRE social media - Facebook and Twitter
  • INQUIRE promotional materials (leaflets, film and banners)

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