In this section you will find a host of resources for teaching IBSE. We’ve searched through many books, education packs and websites to find resources relevant for teaching in botanic gardens and other informal education settings. For each one we’ve prepared a short review and a link to the relevant website. We have also developed resources especially for the INQUIRE project. These are available to everyone participating in an INQUIRE course. To sign up for an INQUIRE course click here.


Pilot INQUIRE course manual   |   pdf

17/08/12  |  pdf

Pilot INQUIRE course manual

If you are a teacher or educator interested in Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE), the INQUIRE project has developed a manual that will guide you through how to use this pedagogy in your practice. Although the manual is targeting primarily the course participants it is of interest to other practitioners as well as it provides background information on IBSE pedagogy, benefits and barrirers to its implementation, IBSE activities on biodiversity and climate change and ideas on assessment and evaluation. The manual is also availble in other languages (see other parts of the INQUIRE website).

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