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Polls give us a snap shot in time about what people think about a particular subject of issue. On this page you’ll find an archive of all the polls we’ve run.

Question 1

What is the biggest barrier to implementing IBSE in your practice?

Concern that I might lose control over the class during IBSE activities
Knowing which questions to ask to facilitate the IBSE activity
Changing from a didactic approach to an inquiry-based approach
Concern that the students will not be able to carry out the IBSE activities
Lack of confidence in delivering IBSE

Question 2

How often do you teach outdoors?

Regularly (eg. once a week)
Occasionally (eg.several times per month)
Rarely (eg. once every couple of months)

Question 3

How confident are you in teaching IBSE?

Not at all

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16/10/13 | London

Climate change is happening- The IPCC’s fifth report

IPCC report published in September reveals that, due to human activity, average global temperatures are at their highest for 1400 years. It is already affecting the planet and it's only going to get worse. With the report suffering backlash from still unconvinced critics, how are the public to know what to believe?



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Go to our resource section for plenty of ideas on how to teach IBSE. We’ve searched through many books, education packs and websites to find resources relevant for teaching in botanic gardens and other informal education settings.

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17/11/15 | Coimbra

Coimbra team publishes chapter in IBSE book

Members of the portuguese team who led INQUIRE project on the Botanical Garden of Coimbra University published the chapter "Advantages of Science Education Outdoors through IBSE Methodology" in IBSE book.


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