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Julia, | 30/06/11 | Obergurgl, Austria

The snow topped mountains in Obergurgl, Austria, provided the backdrop for the INQUIRE Train the Trainers meeting held from 23-25 June.  The two and a half day course focused on building Partners skills in IBSE and evaluation.  Thirty nine participants attended.  The first item looked at the Quality Management Plan which aims to ensure that the INQUIRE courses run are of high quality.  King’s College London and the University of Bremen are responsible for the Quality Management Plan which consists of a Practitioners manual for the INQUIRE course participants and formative and summative assessment.  A pre and post course questionnaire is currently being developed and will be distributed to all partners for translation in September. 

Participants also looked at assessment techniques.  One activity involved half the group participating in a role play of an IBSE lesson with the other half taking on the role of an evaluator to test out assessment techniques. This exercise helped Partners understand the challenges they face in assessing IBSE.  Prior to the course, Partners prepared two pieces of work:

  1. A poster on how they would evaluate their courses
  2. An IBSE lesson plan

During the course, they presented their work and were paired with each other to review their lesson plans.  All partners reported on how useful they found this exercise.  The Market Stall session was very successful.  Partners laid out a variety of educational resources to share with each other.  Books, lesson plans, plant materials, and other artefacts comprised resources were available for examination.

A highlight of the course was a talk on research into biodiversity and climate change in the Obergurgl Glacier region followed, the next day, by a trip up to view the glacier to witness first-hand the retreat of the ice. 


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