Train the Trainer manual: helping you run your own INQUIRE course

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Liliana Derewnicka | 14/11/13 | London

Are you interested in training practitioners to deliver Inquiry- Based Science education, at your site?

This new manual has been produced to show Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) institutions where to start when planning an INQUIRE teacher and educator training course.

The INQUIRE Partners aim to continue the success of the project, which was able to deliver 30 courses since it began, and allow other institutions to train educators to be able to teach using Inquiry-Based techniques.

The manual provides: a background to methodology, guides trainers through structuring a course, offers reflections from Partners and gives examples of best practice.

You can download the Train the Trainer manual or it can be found alongside other resources and lesson plans in the resources section of the INQUIRE website.


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