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10/03/12  |  Worldwide

Arbor Day 25th April 2012

Arbor Day is an annual arbor festival. Tree of the Year 2012 is the European Larch (Larix decidua). (Source:

09/03/12  |  Bremen, Germany

Fascination of Plants Day 18th May 2012

The first international "Fascination of Plants Day" will be launched under the umbrella of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO).

21/02/12  |  Siberia, Russia

Plant out of the freezer after 30 000 years

In Russia, scientists have succeeded in growing a flowering plant using seeds stored by squirrels 30,000 years ago and preserved by the Siberian permafrost! The unripe seedpod of Silene stenophyla was found at a depth of 38 metres in the permafrost soil of Siberia. These findings could be a landmark in the research of ancient biological material and could pave the way for reviving other species, including some that are extinct!

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What is the biggest barrier to implementing IBSE in your practice?

Concern that I might lose control over the class during IBSE activities
Knowing which questions to ask to facilitate the IBSE activity
Changing from a didactic approach to an inquiry-based approach
Concern that the students will not be able to carry out the IBSE activities
Lack of confidence in delivering IBSE



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