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23/03/12  |  Moscow

US Teenager Discovers Fibonacci Secret and Constructs Solar Panel “Tree”

US teenager Aidan Dwyer has become famous in the solar energy industry and won a Young Naturalist Award from the American Museum of Natural History for his “sun tree” project. Being aware that leaves use sunlight for photosynthesis, Aidan noticed that they grow in the same sequence as the Fibonacci Numbers and used the same principle to build a “tree” out of solar panels. It transpired that this tree collects up to 50% more energy than simple flat panels. “Grown-up” scientists have now begun to study this phenomenon.

21/03/12  |  

Why spring is blooming marvellous (and climate change makes it earlier)

With buds bursting early, only for a mild winter to turn Arctic and wipe them out, we are witnessing how warm weather can trigger flowering, even out of season, and how important it is for plants to blossom at the right time of year.

10/03/12  |  Bremen, Germany

Spring as an ecosystem service, or how biological diversity makes us happy

The German Ministry of Education and Research is running a "Science Year 2012" under the motto ”Zukunftsprojekt Erde" ("Future Project Earth"). In this context the network platform Biodiversity Germany is focusing on biodiversity and its many benefits for mankind - the so called "ecosystem services". One example of this is the impact of spring on human beings.(Image: Prunus armeniaca Source:

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