The Inquire Project 4th Partners Meeting in Portugal

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Chiara Rocci, | 12/10/12 | Lisbon and Coimbra

University of Lisbon Botanic Garden (UL) and Coimbra Botanic Garden (FCTUC) last week hosted the 4th Partners meeting of the Inquire Project. The meeting took place between the 2nd and the 5th of October in Lisbon and Coimbra. Representatives from 17 Partners in 11 countries gathered to discuss the implementation, development and evaluation of their Pilot Inquire courses.

In detail, each Partner, identified what went well during the running of the course and explained how they planned to develop their subsequent courses. Partners also discussed the implementation of the Train the Trainers seminars they will be running. Both gardens conducted guided tours for Partners through their beautiful historical gardens and showcased IBSE (Inquire Based Science Education) activities that have been developed for the project.

The meeting provided a lively forum for Partners to exchange experiences and knowledge and this contributed to a refining of ideas about the implementation of IBSE and its contribution to teaching natural sciences at the European level.


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