The Festival of Plants on May 18th at Cambridge Botanic Garden

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Chiara Rocci, | 21/03/13 | London

On Saturday, 18th of May Cambridge University Botanic Garden will host the Festival of Plants.

The festival will bring together horticulture and science in a day entirely dedicated to plants, from propagation to pollination, from seed to shopping.

The visitors will be able to join a range of events such as pop-up plant science demonstrations or  “ask the gardener” sessions. Horticulturalists, plant experts and scientists, gathered from all over the country, will be talking about their research and demonstrating scientific experiments to visitors. Visitors will also be able to learn how to extract plant pigments and take the temperature of a leaf. All the scheduled activities will make full use of the Garden, which in late spring is in full bloom.

For more details on the range of the activities taking place at the Festival of Plants visit the Cambridge University Botanic Garden website.

This event is part of International Fascination of Plants Day, an initiative of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO).


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