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17/04/12  |  Moscow

Carrots, dill, parsley and other kitchen-garden plants (testing of a computerized guide to the Umbelliferae family by INQUIRE course students)

What do these well known plants have in common, other than that man has learned how to use them and they grow in vegetable plots? We suggest discussing this question during lessons with students as part of the INQUIRE project as a way of introducing them to the diversity of Umbelliferae plants and their uses. We developed this lesson for the MSU Botanic Garden INQUIRE course in connection with the publication of a major reference book entitled “Umbelliferae of Russia” and a computerized guide containing information on all of the roughly 288 Umbelliferae species growing in Russia.

04/04/12  |  Sofia and Balchik


The pilot INQUIRE course in Bulgaria continues with outdoor IBSE activities. Module 3 will take place at 10:00 on April 7th at the University Botanic Garden - Sofia for participants from Sofia and the surrounding region, and at 10:00 on April 10th at the University Botanic Garden in Balchik for participants from Varna region.

27/03/12  |  Alcalá de Henares and Madrid, Spain

Pilot INQUIRE Course Manual

The Pilot INQUIRE Course Manual for teachers and educators is now available. Download it here.

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What is the biggest barrier to implementing IBSE in your practice?

Concern that I might lose control over the class during IBSE activities
Knowing which questions to ask to facilitate the IBSE activity
Changing from a didactic approach to an inquiry-based approach
Concern that the students will not be able to carry out the IBSE activities
Lack of confidence in delivering IBSE



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