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28/03/12  |  Bremen, Germany

Garajonay - Can the Laurisilva preserve the Canary Island La Gomera from desertification?

It is spring, and tourists from all over the world visit the Canary island La Gomera to find recreation here after the long gray of the winter months. They expect a green landscape, palms, banana plantations, prospering almond trees and a sea of flowers. But in spring 2012 they find a brown, bare landscape suffering under the extreme desertification with only few green oases in the valleys and canyons. In some parts of the island there has been no rain for nearly one year. Only the Laurisilva in the mountainous regions of the island, the Garajonay National Park, seems to be able to cope with the extreme dryness. Can the evergreen Laurisilva protect the island from complete desertification?

27/03/12  |  Alcalá de Henares and Madrid, Spain

Pilot INQUIRE Course Manual

The Pilot INQUIRE Course Manual for teachers and educators is now available. Download it here.

23/02/12  |  Coimbra, Portugal

Coimbra: INQUIRE Project! - Take One -

22 participants - 16 teachers and 6 educators - are receiving practical training in IBSE in Coimbra Botanical Garden, learning more about the garden itself and its biodiversity. The trainees have gradually become familiar with all the resources available, but the best is yet to come: practical application of the IBSE approach with their students!

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Nos espaços verdes do Porto há várias flores nesta altura do ano: Os rododendros, Rhododendron sp.exibem flores rosa fúscia, brancas e vermelho sangue. Os aloés e opuntias, ambos de ambientes desérticos têm flores alaranjadas. As japoneiras com flores na maioria rosa claro e escuro, branco. As magnólias têm cores fúscia e branco. O loureiro, Laurus nobilis tem pequenas inflorescências brancas. Estas são as flores do fim do Inverno e outras mais a acrescentar.

by a.pinheiro079 | 08/03/12 05:02:03

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