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05/02/14  |  London

New lesson about plants and their pollinators from the University of Lisbon.

This game aims to actively engage whole families with plant science, through inquiry, during their visit the botanic garden.

30/01/14  |  London

New lesson to teach young people about fruits and their origins from the University of Oslo.

During this lesson, children will get to grips with fruits and vegetables and where they come from, through a range of activities from discussions to planting their own mini glasshouse.

30/01/14  |  London

New lesson- ‘Ecological Inquiry from RBG, Kew.

By asking them to work out the population of a certain plant in a given area, with limited equipment, this lesson teaches young people about how ecologists work

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What is the biggest barrier to implementing IBSE in your practice?

Concern that I might lose control over the class during IBSE activities
Knowing which questions to ask to facilitate the IBSE activity
Changing from a didactic approach to an inquiry-based approach
Concern that the students will not be able to carry out the IBSE activities
Lack of confidence in delivering IBSE



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