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Spring 2013

19/08/13  |  London

Curing ‘Plant blindness’ using an inquiry-based approach

Can IBSE be used to combat “plant blindness”? – a phenomena whereby plants are overlooked in our environment and considered “boring”. A recent study developed a Fighting Plant Learning Unit in order to test the use of IBSE to inform and inspire students on the topic of plant defence mechanisms.

18/06/13  |  London

“Natural curiosity”: a resource on environmental inquiry

Find out how you can implement inquiry-based pedagogy and follow the principles of Environmental Education by reading the Natural curiosity manual.

13/05/13  |  London

Opening Doors on INQUIRE

More than 10,000 people flocked to this year’s European ‘Open Doors’ Fair in Brussels on May 4th. Partners from Innsbruck University Botanic Garden, Bordeaux Botanic Garden and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew organised an INQUIRE stand showing visitors how learning about plants and photosynthesis can be inspiring and inquiry based.

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What is the biggest barrier to implementing IBSE in your practice?

Concern that I might lose control over the class during IBSE activities
Knowing which questions to ask to facilitate the IBSE activity
Changing from a didactic approach to an inquiry-based approach
Concern that the students will not be able to carry out the IBSE activities
Lack of confidence in delivering IBSE



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