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Autumn 2012

24/10/12  |  Bremen, Germany

No linkage between the diversity of species and genetic diversity in the Alps

Biodiversity describes the diversity of habitats, species and genes. Up to now it was widely accpeted in theory that these different levels coincide in their diversity. An area with a high degree of habitat diversity hence was assumed to be abundant in species and show great genetic diversity. An international research group has now proven that the diversity of species not necessarily goes along with wide genetic variety.

24/10/12  |  

"Science is for everyone, kids included"

Who believes science is just for a few people? Possibly adults, academics or researchers? Neuroscientist Beau Lotto thinks, instead, that science is for everyone, kids included. View Beau Lott’s TED talk to find out by the man himself how human perception can change, what science and play have in common and how kids can be involved in science.

23/10/12  |  Hyderabad, India

Biodiversity Summit

At the UN Biodiversity Summit in India a decision was taken to double the budget for plant and animal conservation by 2015. This is a start, but it is not sufficient to stem all biodiversity loss by 2020. India is setting an example by investing $50 million in its own biodiversity conservation and the biodiversity of other developing countries. A decision was also taken to ensure better protection of the oceans. In future, all activities that take place in marine areas of importance for biodiversity will be reported to the UN.

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