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asimina.vergou@bgci.org | 06/11/12 | London

‘Did you know that girls do as well as boys in science and maths at school but many more boys go on to further study science, technology and engineering?’ this is one of the arguments presented by the EU initiative Science: it’s a girl thing which is aiming to encourage young women to consider scientific careers.

If your work and interest include promoting women’s careers in science why not submit your one minute video (in English) to the ‘Science it’s your thing!’ competition which closes later this month. The three winning entries will receive a cash prize of 1500euros and will be screened at the European Gender Summit networking event in November 29th in Brussels.

There are only two entries submitted so far! View more details on the competition and the submitted entries at  https://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/298231

Visit also the Science: it’s a girl thing website to learn more about the initiative which was launched earlier this year and attracted much attention after releasing a controversial video to convince high school girls to consider becoming a scientist.


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