"Science Education in School"-Conference in Galati (Rumania)

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Jürgen Schneider; inquire-botany@uibk.ac.at | 16/05/13 | Innsbruck, Austria

The “Science Education in School”-Conference was organized by a team of academics, teachers and school principals in order to integrate newest research questions and findings from national and international projects into practical workshops and a student’s contest. With this broad variety of contents and activities the maximum number of target groups could be integrated into this event. Guests from the international Fibonacci-Project of France, Serbia, Bulgaria and the Netherlands as well as guests from the INQUIRE- and INSTEM-Project in Austria and a private initiative from Turkey were invited to present their work to an interested audience of teachers, students and representatives of the regional school authority and municipal government. In the afternoon teachers were also invited to experiment and discuss inquiry based teaching and learning  with the international guests in various workshops. A highlight for students was the „Stars of Science“-Contest where more than 250 “young scientists” in various categories, presented their individually designed experiments to the international jury in order to get crowned the “Star of Science”. These days were an inspiring experience not only for all guests and students but as well for the organizing team. The commitment and enthusiasm of our young scientists who completely and happily lost themselves in the world of science, mathematics and technics tells us that such events should be repeated on a regular basis.  

Organisation und Support

Dr. Adelina Sporea (Projekt i-BEST “Inquiry-Based Science and Technology Education”)

School Inspectorate of Galati County

National College “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Galati

School no. 28 Galati

Prof. Dan Sporea

Center for Science Education and Training (CSET) of the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest

Galati Town Hall

Natural Science Museum, Galati

... and various local sponsors


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