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Asimina Vergou, | 02/05/11 | London, UK

BGCI is the lead partner for developing the INQUIRE website. BGCI has contracted a London-based company, Prospect, to work with them on this important communication tool. The website will be in nine languages and will be designed to facilitate interaction between partners and visitors through encouraging dialogue and comments on the site. It will also include links to social networking platforms, such as twitter and FaceBook. A secure area of the website will be established for teachers and educators attending the INQUIRE courses and this will allow them access to particular documents relevant to the course as well as to documents produced during the project, for example the teaching manual. There will also be a sign up area for people to receive the INQUIRE newsletter. A meeting was held in February to capture the information needed on the website. The designers are now using this to create the wireframes which they will present to BGCI at the next meeting.


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