“Natural curiosity”: a resource on environmental inquiry

Chiara Rocci, chiara.rocci@bgci.org | 18/06/13 | London

Are you interested in integrating inquiry-based learning into environmental education in school or a Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) site?

The Natural Curiosity manual explains in an accessible way the theory and practice of environmental inquiry. Environmental Inquiry is an overarching approach to Environmental Education that amalgamates Inquiry-based Learning, Experiential Learning, Integrated Learning, and Stewardship into a dynamic and cohesive pedagogical framework.

This resource is relevant to teachers and educators that have already experimented with inquiry teaching as well as to those that are new to the approach.

The Laboratory School, University of Toronto has published the Natural Curiosity manual and other resources on-line aiming to connect research and teacher training to practice. Visit the Natural Curiosity website to get inspiration from the written and audio stories of environmental inquiry in and outside the school classroom.

Please note that the download time of the Natural Curiosity manual is long (50MB document-http://www.naturalcuriosity.ca/pdf/NaturalCuriosityManual.pdf).


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