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Alicia Fernández, | 10/10/13 | Trento, Italy

Picture: members of Schulbiologiezentrum Hannover showcasing an IBSE activity.

The ongoing training of educators and explainers is essential for effective communication with the public visiting a museum. As IBSE is a very useful method to do so, the INQUIRE Italy Team has organized a series of training sessions for both senior members of the staff not yet familiar with the IBSE and for the new educators at MUSE (Museo delle Scienze).

Taking advantage of the partners´ meeting and the recent opening of MUSE, about 40 educators had the opportunity to participate in workshops on inquiry-based practices. These workshops addressed topics such as: climate change, the importance of scientific work, seed conservation or the decomposition of organic matter. All sessions were collaborative and the participants could discuss the aspects of the inquiry cycle using the World Café format.


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