“Minibeast Trackers”: A new Inquiry-based resource

Chiara Rocci, chiara.rocci@bgci.org | 23/09/13 | London

Would you like to encourage your students to work together and stimulate their sensory curiosity?

The Eden Project’s education team has developed an inquiry-based 60 minute lesson plan for teachers and educators to work with pupils outside in the natural environment and to observe simple characteristics of minibeasts and other creatures.

Read the lesson plan to find out how to encourage pupils to look more closely at the world around them and develop their curiosity by exploring their surroundings using sight, sound and touch.

The resource is an effective tool for teachers and educators who are eager to engage pupils in outdoor activities. Pupils will find out  what a minibeast is, where minibeasts live and what they eat, and will also have the opportunity to play the ‘Body-Sculptures’ game based on minibeasts movement and go on a minibeast safari.

The lesson plan “Minibeast Trackers” is also included alongside other IBSE activities in the Resources section of the INQUIRE website.

For other lesson plans by the Eden Project click here.


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