‘Plants and Climate’: New lesson plan about plant morphology, climate and biodiversity now available online.

Botany | Biodiversity

Liliana Derewnicka | 27/01/14 | London

During the lesson, ‘Plants and Climate’, students get to look at living plants and investigate how they are adapted to their habitats and a certain climate. ‘What is an advantage for surviving in a certain climate and what has the plant developed?’ is one of the main questions that the students try to answer by carrying out their own investigations.

In particular, students consider abiotic factors such as light, temperature, water, humidity, and nutrition and link these with the morphological characteristics and physiological processes of different plant species.

This lesson, developed by Schulbiologisches Zentrunm, Hannover as part of the INQUIRE project aims to develop students’ awareness of biodiversity and an understanding of the ways in which plants adapt to their environment (abiotic factors). You can download this lesson plan and others from the resources section of the INQUIRE website.


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