New lesson- ‘should we have a new ski run?’ from Museo delle Scienze, Trento.

Science Politics

Liliana Derewnicka | 30/01/14 | London

A new lesson that teaches young people about the way in which decisions with issues surrounding conservation and economics are made, is now available online.

In this role play, young people are each given a character and their stand point, regarding the building of a new ski run. They research their opinion and present it to the rest of the class, in the hope that the vote will swing in their favour.

By taking part in this activity, young people will, not only, learn about how human actions can affect wildlife, but they will also be made aware of how to structure arguments, take part in debates and learn that often, when science and developments collide, compromises must be made.  

You can download this lesson plan and others from the resources section of the INQUIRE website.


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