An INQUIRE role play lesson on what it means to be a landscape architect: ‘A competition: Who can find the best tree for our avenue?’

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Liliana Derewnicka | 05/12/13 | London

A new lesson plan to get children out of the classroom and thinking about what it means to be a landscape architect and how they can make an urban environment greener is now available online.

 ‘A competition: Who can find the best tree for our avenue?’ is a lesson that will get young people to act as landscape architects for a day and use their inquiry skills to plan an avenue of trees in a botanic garden.

It is not often that botanic gardens offer lessons themed around landscape architecture for the young people visiting their sites. These activities showcase to young people the career of a landscape architect by simulating a real life situation engage them, through a competitive element, to look into various aspects of plants science including plant morphology and physiology and soil conditions.

 You can also download this lesson plan and others from the resources section of the INQUIRE website.


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