International Day for Biological Diversity

Hilde Jacobsen, Photro: Kristina Bjureke | 27/02/13 | Oslo

Bring your class and visit the Natural History Museum in Oslo on May 22. In 2000, the UN declared this date the International Day for Biological Diversity. The purpose of the Day is to improve understanding and awareness of problems concerning conservation of the world's biological diversity.

We celebrate the day by offering a variety of educational programs for schoolchildren of all ages. Students will have the opportunity to explore biodiversity in its natural setting by visiting our insect hotel, messing around in the compost, and enjoying the birds. You can learn about plants from far and near, and learn more about endangered and threatening plants in the Norwegian natural environment. Biodiversity is closely related to geology, and the Oslo Fjord has an exciting geological environmnt that can be explored.

Registration is on first come first served basis, so be quick! More details about the offer and registration can be found on NHM home page.(In Norwegian)

We look forward to seeing you!


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