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Doris Elster, | 15/02/13 | Bremen, Germany


The INQUIRE course at Bremen University is running from October 15th to March 1st, 2013. The sparkling environment of the Biogarten and the labatories for biology didactics at Bremen University build the venue. The course includes two half-day visits at the Green School “Botanika Bremen” and one trip to the Science Center “Klimahaus”. 17 students, doing their teacher training for biology, cooperate with four teachers of biology in the development and evaluation of IBSE materials. They are assisted by two experts in the field of biology didactics and botany, an environmental paedagogist of  “Botanika” and an educator of the “Science Center”.

The course is divided into three modules:

Module 1 (Oct – Dec 2012), comprising five half-day meetings, introduces the participants to the principles of IBSE and provides knowledge about the relationship between biodiversity and climate change. Examples for IBSE activities are “Climate and Ice”, “Plant and Climate”, “Climate and Landscape“, „Rainforest“ and “Climate around the world“. The participants of the course visit different places for learning outside the classroom and reflect on their  IBSE experiences.

Module 2 (Jan 2013) includes two half-day meetings and group-specific consultations. Together with qualified teachers students work in teams (in total five teams) and develop IBSE teaching sequences on different topics within the context of biodiversity and climate change. Examples for this are “Plants in winter- How does climate change and interact with the flourishing of plants?“, “Plants in the avenue – Which trees are the winner of climate change?”, “Expedition on the Mount Kinabalu”; “Bromeliae – Winners of climate change?” und “Kolibris in search of flowers”.

Module 3 takes place in February 2013. The teams conduct IBSE school courses. That involves the conduction of the IBSE activities developed by the teams and a reflection about the pupils’ learning. A total of 150 pupils (lower secondary level) take part in this project. The final presentation of the school projects will take place on March 1st 2013.


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