INQUIRE Final Publishable Report now available

Alicia Fernández | 02/10/14 | London, UK

The INQUIRE Final Publishable is now available online. It provides some general notions about the development of the INQUIRE Project. The project was set up to foster the development and implementation of IBSE in both formal and informal education systems, by developing, testing and implementing IBSE training courses in 11 European countries.

The courses were developed and offered in 14 sites across 11 European countries, with a cohort of over 570 participants that included both teachers in the formal education system and education officers in informal education sites (botanic gardens, natural history museums, environmental education centres, etc.).

This report offers useful information about the objectives and achievements of the project, the course outline, the constitution of the advisory groups, the implementation of a quality management plan and the development of a community of practice between the partners.


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