INQUIRE Course Feedback Reports are now available online


Ella Wright | 30/07/14 | London

Feedback reports have been produced to examine participants’ evaluation of the INQUIRE courses and INQUIRE pilot courses – a must-read for those running professional development courses on Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE), as well as for those who wonder how other educators feel about IBSE.

Opinions were gathered using questionnaires, interviews, evaluation sheets and World Café workshops – the reports draw out commonalities in the feedbacks between countries and use participant’s words to illustrate the points drawn out from the evaluation process. 

The reports looks at participant’s experiences of INQUIRE courses as well as their experiences of using IBSE  in the classrooms, ideas of how they would like to make use of IBSE, and how they feel INQUIRE courses could be improved. 

You can download the INQUIRE Course Participant’s Feedback report and INQUIRE Pilot Course Participant’s Feedback report from the resources section of the INQUIRE website.


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