INQUIRE training day at Wakehurst Place: Moving from ‘Sage and Stage’ to ‘Engage and Discover.

INQUIRE training day

Asimina Vergou, | 23/10/12 | Ardingly, UK

22 participants from botanic gardens, zoos and other LOtC institutions attended the INQUIRE one-day training at Wakehurst Place on the 23rd of October. The training started off with a practical activity on decomposition which led to a short theoretical session on IBSE. The educators learned how to set the big IBSE question and  participated in a variety of hands-on inquir-based activities. At the end of the day the participants reflected on the learning programme of their institutions and discussed whether they use already IBSE approaches or they would consider including these in their future practice.

The training was also an opportunity for the participants to try out some of the INQUIRE course activities and decide whether they would like to either join the longer course at Kew (which started in October) or explore the opportunity to run this course at their own site.

The training day was organised in collaboration with BGEN, the UK education network of botanic gardens. Read the schedule of this training day to find more details on the training sessions and get tempted to attend an INQUIRE course in the future.


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