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Julia, | 01/07/11 | Hannover & Bremen, Germany

Plans are already underway for the second Partners Meeting which will take place from 26th to 28th September in Bremen and Hannover, Germany.  The meeting will kick off at the Schulbiologiezentrum in Hannover where partners will find out about the work of the centre. Staff at the centre will organise a range of IBSE activities for Partners to participate in.  Courses in Spain and Norway will begin in September and Partners will feedback their experiences to the group.  The following day the meeting will be held at the Rhododendron Park in Bremen where Partners will have the opportunity to discuss their INQUIRE courses and learn about several assessment techniques in more detail, including research journals, concept maps and interview techniques.   Partners are asked to prepare a module of their course and these will be peer-reviewed during the course.  The INQUIRE website has been launched and training will be given to encourage each partner to maintain their language area of the website.


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