Free on-line course on: Inquiry Science Learning: Perspectives and Practices starting from 9th Sept 2013

Asimina Vergou, | 12/09/13 | London

A new series of courses on Inquiry-based science education is now offered on-line for free. Science teachers and educators who want to develop further their skills in creative and inspiring teaching can join the first out of the four courses, which focuses on Science Leadership. Participants will gain ideas on science projects and activities that can engage students outside of the school classroom but will also gain knowledge of how to become a leader in science education outdoors by presenting at conferences, mentoring, training, writing grant proposals and engaging with the policy of teaching outdoors.

To join the course which is four weeks long and has just started visit

Watch the youTube video explaining what the course is about:

RICE, a leading US university is offering the courses on Inquiry Science Learning: Perspectives and Practices through Coursera an innovative educational technology initiative. The four courses focus on:
1.    Science Leadership
2.    Techniques for Success
3.    Science Content
4.    Student-Centered Inquiry


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