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Chiara Rocci, chiara.rocci@bgci.org | 10/04/13 | London

On Friday 5th of July 2013 schools all over the UK will be celebrating the Empty Classroom Day. The initiative encourages schools to use the outdoors as a teaching environment. After the success of the Empty Classroom Day in 2012 where over 100 London schools joined the initiative, this year the event becomes national and schools from all over the country are signing up to support outdoor learning. The aim of the initiative is that on the 5th of July ‘in every school in the UK there will be an empty classroom and pupils will be learning in their playground, local park, farm, seaside and the great outdoors’.

The suggested theme for the 2013 event is “from tiny seed to tasty mouthful”. Young people will get the chance to enjoy activities such as gardening, cooking, visiting the countryside, making art on city farms and much more. Furthermore, The Empty Classroom Day will also be a great opportunity for schools to use new approaches to raise achievement.

If you are a teacher and this initiative sounds of interest to you, you can find all the details at http://www.projectdirt.com/project/7832/#!/journal_entry/13970


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