Empty Classroom Day 2014

Learning Outside the Classroom LOtC

Chris Robson, Empty Classroom Day Coordinator, crobson@wildlondon.org.uk | 19/05/14

Empty Classroom Day is an event, created by the London Sustainable Schools Forum (LSSF), which aims to promote and celebrate outdoor learning. Any school in the world can participate, simply sign up and pledge to spend at least one lesson outside on the day. What you do is up to you! From pond-dipping to planting, tree-climbing to picnicking; the possibilities and learning opportunities are endless.

Outdoor learning is hugely valuable for students, and is a flexible and essential part of a progressive modern curriculum. It creates a stimulating environment for children and adults alike, with benefits to human health such as enhanced social skills, increased physical health and huge SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural) development opportunities. To students it can develop self esteem, encourage personal responsibility and co-operation with others. You can help your students extend their personal horizons through greater appreciation and understanding of the world and its peoples around them, and foster an understanding of the need for sustainable relationships between people and their environment. On a more hands-on level, outdoor learning enhances practical problem solving and team work skills, and teaches life skills such as food production and habitat maintenance.

2014 has already been a massive year for outdoor education and it's benefits are being realised and practised nationwide. Running with this momentum, we plan to make Empty Classroom Day 2014 one to remember. Over 170 schools across the UK (and even outside of it) took part last year, and we're aiming to take that number even higher. Sign your school up at http://www.projectdirt.com/project/7832/#!/journal_entry/25498 and be part of the biggest outdoor event this school calendar!

Want your organisation to be involved, or simply curious? Contact me at crobson@wildlondon.org.uk




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