'Decomposition challenge' - New INQUIRE resource


Chiara Rocci | 18/04/13 | London

The ‘Decomposition challenge’ is an inquiry-based science education lesson that will help young people to understand “how science works” with a topic relevant to their everyday lives.

Read the lesson plan to find out how you can engage young people in small group discussions by asking them to explore the factors that influence decomposition rates by simply looking at a fresh and a mouldy piece of fruit. Students will be encouraged to use their prior knowledge from their everyday life and develop their problem solving skills.

The resource is an helpful and effective tool for teachers and educators to stimulate students’ discussion in a short amount of time.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew has developed this very interesting resource that has been implemented successfully in the INQUIRE courses across Europe.

The lesson plan 'Decomposition Challenge' is available with other teaching materials in the Resources section of the INQUIRE course.


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