‘CO2 in the world: Production and absorption'- new lesson developed for the INQUIRE course in Spain

Climate Change

Chiara Rocci, chiara.rocci@bgci.org | 18/02/13 | London

CO2 IN THE WORLD: PRODUCTION AND ABSORPTION’ is an Inquiry-based science education lesson that will help secondary students understand the complex phenomenon of climate change.

Read the lesson plan ‘CO2 IN THE WORLD: PRODUCTION AND ABSORPTION’ to find out how you can encourage students to learn how CO2 is distributed around the world and understand plants’ role in the absorption of CO2. Through a very simple experiment, students will produce CO2 and then they will design a second experiment to prove that plants absorb CO2.

The INQUIRE course in Spain has developed this very interesting lesson to showcase to teachers and educators how they can use IBSE pedagogy to teach their students about climate change.You will also find this lesson available with other teaching materials in the Resources section of the INQUIRE course.  


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