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Hilde Jacobsen, Foto: Sosial Spiral, bench designd by T.A. Silvestrini | 18/12/12 | Oslo

Teachers at Elvebakken had for a long time dreamed of running a joint project for students on their design, arts and crafts study programs. They wanted the students to have the same starting point, but end up with different products. This fall, the dream became a reality. The theme of the project was seeds and seed capsules.

In October, 170 students visited the Natural History Museum, where the creative part of the project was launched. The pupils were informed about the project prior to their visit to the Garden. The visit consisted of professional input on the topic, but perhaps most importantly, the students could be inspired by an exhibition of seeds and fruits from home and abroad. Cameras and sketch books were frequently used. One pupil, Alexandra Fischer, stated that it was nice to get out of the classroom for inspiration. Teacher Lillian Tørlen considered the visit to the garden an important part of the process.

Following the visit, the students spent several weeks designing various items inspired by the shape and texture of seeds and fruits, including jewelry, tapestries, and relief pictures, to mention just a few. The exhibition "170 SEEDS" is a selection of their work, and can be seen at DogA (the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, until the 6. of January.

It is important to work with one's impressions after a visit to the museum. But it does not necessarily always have to be based on classic science. There are many ways to get to know and love nature. Next time you plan a trip to the Garden, maybe it could be collaboration between teachers of science and arts and crafts?


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