‘Bee Scene’ survey: how to turn young people into bees scientists and develop their inquiry skills

Chiara Rocci, chiara.rocci@bgci.org | 25/03/13 | London

If you are a primary teacher or environmental education coordinator why not join with your school or youth group a new survey and turn the young people into ‘bee scientists’? The Bee Scene survey developed by Plantlife, encourages children to assess whether their local green space is good or not good for bees and will run between April and August 2013.

Bee Scene is part of the Wild About Plants Project which aims to increase people’s access to and enjoyment of natural spaces. The survey comes with an education pack with additional cross curricular activities to support teachers to lead a Bee Scene expedition in their local green space.

If you are you taking part in Bee Scene with your local school or youth group, you can also enter the scientific report writing competition. Based on the Bee Scene survey, the competition, with prizes for schools and individual pupils encourages young people’s inquiry skills including investigative writing, comparative skills, analysis and prediction.

Visit the Wild About Plants website to find more information about the Bee Scene Survey and education resources.


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