26th June 2013 Webinar on the ‘Success in learning outside the classroom’

Learning Outside the Classroom LOtC

Natasha Gartside, BGCI | 25/06/13 | London

If you are a provider of Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) or a teacher eager to promote outdoor learning in your school then why not register for the ‘Success in learning outside the classroom’ webinar? The webinar is taking place on the 26th of June, at 5pm.

During this online seminar teachers and educators will have the opportunity to:
•    Learn about the benefits of LOtC to students
•    Understand Ofsted’s guidance on LOtC
•    Be inspired by the breadth of possibilities offered by LOtC
•    Learn how to embed LOtC into your curriculum
•    See how to integrate LOtC activities with other learning

SEEd (Sustainability and Environmental Education) in collaboration with the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom is organising this online seminar to support and encourage teachers and educators who are eager to deliver education through real-life experiences.

It has been seven years since the Labour government, with the publication of the LOtC Manifesto, started promoting outdoor learning. Under the new government and within the changes of the education system what are the challenges and opportunities for teachers and educators to continue enabling students to learn outdoors? This webinar will be also a good opportunity to discuss the status of LOtC in the UK school system.

The webinar costs £10 and to take part register here. Find more information on the webinar on SEEd’s website


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