Biology in English Lessons


Olga Khuschalova | 26/05/12 | Moscow, Russia

Experience of using materials from the INQUIREBOTANY website during English lessons: excerpt from an article by an English language teacher at State Secondary School No.1344 in Moscow.

“I’m so pleased I have this opportunity to give the kids information on subjects of interest to them, while still achieving my main objective – teaching them English.  I’m able to do this thanks to the  website, which is full of fascinating and exhaustive information. The resources on that site are so varied that I can find something for any task and each of my pupils can find information to suit their tastes, be it biology, botany or chemistry studies, the latest developments in plant breeding or growing exotic plants.

By working with the website I am learning together with the kids, who enjoy explaining biological terms and concepts that I’m unfamiliar with and talking about chemical compounds and reactions. This “joint learning” is producing excellent results and encouraging the kids to develop their language skills. By talking through the materials the students not only practise speaking English, expanding and consolidating their vocabulary, but also gain a better understanding of biological and chemical terminology…”

Link to full article in Russian...


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