To engage students in video observations of plants


Alla Andreeva, | 14/02/12 | Moscow

Take a look at the Resources (Plant Growth) section, where you will find a link to a video showing the growth and shoot development of a Furcraea (flowering, formation of brood buds). The film is based on time-lapse observation of a 100-year Furcraea selloe in the hothouses of the Botanic Garden of Moscow State University (“Aptekarskiy ogorod”) and was produced by A.G.Velikanov. It can be used to motivate students to observe plants through photography and film. It can also be used in class to demonstrate how the Furcraea (Agavaceae family) stem grows and develops and to stimulate discussions on “How Plants Move” and “Flowering and Reproduction of Plants”.

The video was shown during MSU’s INQUIRE course on Inquiry Based Science Education and generated great interest amongst the teachers, who are now using it in their classes. It is a good example of how modern technology can help inspire and engage students in regular observation of plants at home and in school. We invite you to join us by uploading links to your students’ video and photographic projects to the INQUIRE website. With the help of your students we can create a fascinating video archive on various aspects of plant life, including anomalies caused by climate change.


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