Outdoors and Online – inquiry with mobile devices in pre-service science teacher education


asimina.vergou@bgci.org | 18/01/13 | London

How can technology be used to teach biodiversity through an IBSE approach in a botanic garden?

German pre-service teachers learned how to teach their future students the topic of biodiversity by experiencing themselves an IBSE lesson in a botanic garden. This was part of an experimental study conducted at Ludwigsburg University of Education, Germany which involved comparing the effectiveness of more traditional methods of teaching (lecturing) to more hands-on, technology assisted IBSE approaches.

The results of the InquiBiDT course provide evidence that successful learning about biodiversity can happen in a less structured way than commonly held lectures. Also, during the study the participants collaborated and combined their fieldwork experience with the technology support to create a wiki on plant biodiversity which proved to be an effective way for learning about a complex issue.  Is the use of technology an issue that outdoor education settings should consider to use more to encourage students’ learning? Is technology important for teaching IBSE and for training pre-service teachers on IBSE?

The paper is available on-line and has been produced by Partners of another EU funded project that promotes IBSE, PATHWAY. Read the paper 'Outdoors and Online – inquiry with mobile devices in pre-service science teacher education' to find more information on how teachers were trained and how technology can be used to facilitate learning of biodiversity in an IBSE way.


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