Botanists from MSU Botanic Garden Discover and Describe New Genus of Umbrelliferae

Botany | Biodiversity

Ekaterina Zacharova, photo: E. V. Klyueykov | 25/09/12 | Moscow, Russia

Staff at MSU Botanic Garden have recently described a new genus of plants belonging to the Umbrelliferae family. The plant, which was previously known from just 3 herbarium collections, has been newly collected and studied. It’s a rare plant, which grows only in the Tschulak Mountains (Kazakhstan, Almaty Region, southwest foothills of Jungarian Alatau). Morphological and molecular-phylogenetic analysis has revealed that the plant is unlike any other known members of the Umbrelliferae family. The new genus has been named Tschulaktavia after the mountains where it is found and consists of just one species - Tshculaktavia saxatilis (Bajtenov) Bajtenov) – a small plant up to 30 cm in height which grows in crevices in cliffs.


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