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Julia | 14/10/13 | London

Up to 2bn tonnes of perfectly good food is wasted every year according to a newly published report Global Food Waste Not Want Not by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  In Britain alone we waste a quarter of all the food we buy. This includes 1.6bn apples – 25 each – and 2.6bn slices of bread. Yet, throwing away food isn’t the only reason for food waste.  Poor practices in harvesting, storage and transportation also contribute to the 30% to 50% of all food produced that never reaches a human stomach.   How can we use IBSE in schools to encourage students to address this challenge?

Tristam Stuart is a freegan and campaigner against food waste.  Watch his TED talk about uncovering the global food waste scandal.

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Yes I completely agree with this that before wasting the food at least we must think about the poor people once. Because I have seen that when poor people don't have anything to eat they even search from the waste. <a href=""><a href="">onesie</a></a>

by Vern Malloy | 16/02/13 09:41:02

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